Tips to be more efficient when you work from a coffee shop


1. Don’t bring you laptop charger with you, this will force you to get your task done before the battery of laptop dies.

2. Clarify your purpose and tasks from the beginning. In this way you will know exactly what you have to do before going home.

3. Rotate coffee shops. Rather than going to the same coffee shop every time, switch it up, and avoid the stifling feeling of routine you were trying to avoid in the first place.

4. Don’t Take up a Table Bigger than You Need. Try to pick a table that will support your work space, but not one larger than you actually need. Consider keeping some of your stuff in your bag and only taking out what you need as you need it, rather than spreading out everything at the same time. Your local coffee shop thanks you.

5. Placement yourself in the right spot. Don’t sit near the door or the register, if you can avoid it. Temperature differences and high traffic don’t help you to focus.

Extra tip: Order enough and tip well. Coffee shop workers are awesome, and they’ll be awesome to you if you are a good customer. That hidden power plug will be revealed, an extra free refill will be given, an introduction will be made.

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