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Impact Hub Dubai is one of the nicest co-working spaces in Dubai. Impact Hub can host up to 50 persons at a time and it also has private offices for small teams made of 3 to 10 persons.

To reach the location you can come with the red metro line and hop off at Dubai Mall metro station. From there you can follow the route for the fountains and in the back of those you will find the location. It also have a free parking in the building so you can leave your car in there.

If you need to have a call with one of your clients for example you can go to one of the conversations room. In there you can talk privately without being interrupted or disturbed by anybody.

You will also find a few event rooms so if you’re planning to have a press conference or a release you can choose one of those. This rooms have enough space for 10-20 persons.

The internet connection is very good and you will find a power plug next to each table. In here there also other persons working with their laptop and this will also motivate you to get on work.

Please note that this a paid workplace but they have different packages based on your needs. You can check the prices in here.

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  1. Not just an workplace

    Dubai Impact Hub is the best alternative to an ordinary office. They have a small kitchen, the private calls room,, different kinds of tables and chairs all modern and in nice colors. The internet speed is very good and you can navigate while listening to youtube and you will find a power plug just next to your table. It is also a very good place to host your events. Even our releasing event was hosted by Dubai Impact Hub.

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